• MarzGurl

    When I started this Wikia (I guess we call them "Fandoms" now?), I was working all by myself, translating only two of the original starter decks of the game. I didn't imagine that Square Enix would eventually bring the game over to English-speaking audiences. The community really blew up when it did. And I'm so happy people grew this wiki to make it useful for any players that might need it. I'm grateful for the continued contributions. I know there's always a worry that support for the game in English-speaking areas might disappear at some point. The launch of the game was weak, and I think support in general has been fairly weak. But the community has been really passionate and strong about the game. Keep updating, everyone. So long as s…

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  • AdreusPlaysVanguard

    Lightning Forwards x11

    Cost 6 L : Lightning x3 (XIII)

    Cost 4 R : Lightning x3 (XII)

    Cost 4 S : Gilgamesh x3 (XIII)

    Cost 3 R : Gilgamesh x2 (DFF-V)

    Light Forwards x3

    Cost 4 L : Warrior of Light x3 (DFF-I)

    Fire Forwards x 12

    Cost 5 L : Tifa x1 (DFF-VII)

    Cost 4 S : Tifa x3 (VII)

    Cost 2 C : Tifa x3 (VII)

    Cost 2 R : Warrior of Light x3 (DFF-I)

    Cost 2 S : Vivi x2 (IX)

    Lightning Backups x7

    Cost 5 H : Lulu x3 (X)

    Cost 2 C : Black Mage x2 (XIV)

    Cost 2 S : Maqui x2 (XIII)

    Light Backups x2

    Cost 2 H : Cosmos x2 (DFF)

    Fire Backups x8

    Cost 4 S : Zangan x3 (VII)

    Cost 3 R : Black Waltz 2 x2 (IX)

    Cost 2 C : Red Mage x3 (III)

    Lightning Summons x2

    Cost 4 R : Odin x2 (XIII)

    Fire Summons x5

    Cost 3 R : Brynhildr x3 (XIII)

    Cost 2 R : Belias, the Gigas x2 (XII)

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  • Kinro

    Random Roll Round!

    Chapter is... 4

    Card Number is... 87

    So today's card is Garnet (2)!

    Remember, Garnet is a restricted card name! You can only have up to 3 cards named Garnet in your deck.

    That said, this Garnet is an impressively efficient card! For only 2 Aqua CP, you get to play a 2 CP Summon of any element from anywhere in your deck and a cheap Blocker! 

    Strangely, there's no cost 2 Aqua Summons in Chapter 4. But looking at other chapters, there are many cheap, efficient Summons like Fairy or Ashura. You may even consider having single copies of some of the more circumstantial Summons, like Leviathan (2) or Adrammelech, the Wroth (2), since you be can be confident that you'll be able to use Garnet to pull the one you need out from wherever …

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  • Kinro

    Today's card comes Partying from way back in Chapter 1: Knight.

    Forming a pair along with Knight (2), when in a Party, these cards take on all the damage which would otherwise have been done to other characters. 

    Along with its quite reasonable Power for the cost, Knight can significantly improve a Party's Power while allowing you to push some weaker cards through comparatively strong Blockers with minimal losses.

    He also has enough Power to make Breaking him through direct damage at least take a good effort.

    Of course, your Knights still generally won't last long. If you use them well, they'll usually Break in their first fight, protecting their Party from something much stronger.

    Knight combines well with other cards which improve Parties, li…

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  • Kinro

    Random Roll Round!

    Chapter is... 2014 2nd

    Card number is... 15

    That means today's card is... a card I missed. Hold on.

    Here we go: Garnet Bahamut

    Cost 5 for 8000 Power and strong abilities as usual. This card is meant to be played with Amber Bahamut and Jet Bahamut. These three cards will all support and strengthen each other. Though getting all of them on the Field at the same time may be tough and expensive!

    Garnet Bahamut specializes in doing a bunch of damage when it enters the Field. 7000 is enough to take out most Fowards. At full strength, it will do 13000 damage, which will take out nearly anything!

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  • Kinro

    Is there a card you really like? Or maybe some abilities you'd like to know more about? I'm now accepting requests to talk about any card you want! Just leave a comment here, on my talk page or on any Kinro's Card Corner post and I'll eventually make a post about it!

    I am currently planning on continuing to post Kinro's Card Corner! on Sundays, alternating between Random Roll and requests/whatever I feel like talking about. So keep those requests coming! Otherwise, I might have to start talking about Squire (2). And noone wants to hear me talk about Squire (2)!

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  • Kinro

    Today's corner is a double header, withtwo cards made for each other!

    Yuffie (4) came out in Chapter 9 and Shuriken came out in Chapter 2015. That's a 6 chapter gap! The wait was worth it, though!

    When you play Yuffie (4), you can search for a Shuriken anywhere in your deck and put it on her for free! Then, she gains Haste and so can immediately attack for a second Shuriken! Now, she can't be targetted by effects, she can't be Blocked by most things that can beat her and she can't be chosen by opponent's effects!

    Even if a sacrifice Block appears, if it's Power is 5000 or less, you can just throw one of the Shuriken at it for 1 guaranteed damage! Or, if there's a nasty Forward hanging around, two 5000 damage hits will take Break of almost any…

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  • Kinro

    Random Roll Round!

    Chapter is... 5

    Card number is... 58

    So today, I'll be talking about Cactuar.

    An extremely cheap monster at a cost of only 1. Since it's a Monster, you can immediately use its ability, which might be a nasty surprise in your second Main Phase.

    Cactuar will give you a cheap and easy way to give you some direct damage. It even has the 3 cards icon, so you can have multiple copies on the Field. Combining a couple of Cactuar with cards which increase damage dealt, like Marduk or Samurai (6) can give impressive results.

    Cactuar's second ability is also very powerful. Though it deals you 1 damage, it will Break almost all Forwards. This damage can also trigger an EX-Burst. If you were going to take damage anyway, that's not a bad de…

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  • Kinro

    Kinro's Card Corner!

    June 2, 2015 by Kinro

    Where I choose one FFTCG card to talk about.

    I enjoy manga and anime a lot. And some of my favourite episodes are when a character with a lackluster power defeats their opponent by clever and creative uses of that power. This is why I'm introducing my favourite FFCTG card: Devout (3)!

    Basically, you can use this card to remove a Forward from the game and then put it back in the game. I like to call it "Blinking".

    Doesn't sound impressive, right?

    But with just that, this card creates so many interesting interactions!

    1. The very basics, of course: trigger auto-abilities.

    Many cards have powerful auto-abilities which trigger when they enter or leave the Field. A Blink will trigger all of those! Except for Overdrive! That still can only be used whe…

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 2014 1st Translated!

    September 10, 2014 by Kinro

    Yet another Chapter done! First one with the split rules system!

    Let's see what happened in this chapter.

    First, lots of repeats! I think something like half of the cards were repeats! We did see the Evokers again though, so that's neat!

    Also, the card have a nice, fresh look to go with the new numbering system. Mere counting is so last chapter!

    New abilities: Junctionning for the neat FF8 flavour and Freezing, because we were all tired of having to say "doesn't become Active during its controller's next Active Phase". I wonder how often I wrote that.

    Notable cards:

    Beast Armor: For when you want lots and lots of Monsters.

    Bhunivelze: The first card which allows you to gains unconditional, permanent control of an opponent's character.

    Leo: Ridicul…

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  • UserJP

    FF-TCG official[1]

    Banned cards



    Vaan (5)

    Ceodore (2)

    Can not be used in the standard rule of these cards.

    Restricted card

    Swordmaiden (1)

    This card does not contain only one in the deck standard rule.

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  • UserJP

    Very very big news!

    Final Fantasy TCG, It becomes the Square Enix TCG system as a system of common.

    Final Fantasy TCG will be treated as a category of one of the SETCGsystem future.

    SaGa TCG will be released in May as the first wave of SETCGsystem.

    SaGaTCG Title to taking:

    Romancing SaGa

    Romancing SaGa 2

    Romancing SaGa 3

    SaGa Frontier

    SaGa Frontier 2

    Unlimited SaGa

    Lord of Vermilion

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  • CrestCardMagic

    A Qustion

    March 6, 2014 by CrestCardMagic

    Does anyone know where someone in the US could get these cards either as deck, box, packs, or singles?

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 12 done!

    February 5, 2014 by Kinro

    Lots of Job Change support on this one.

    Also Sin (2)! Wow! Huge card! Hidding as the very last one on the list too!

    It costs a massive 7 CP and kills everything by entering the Field!

    Its Special Ability wins you the game, but costs a ridiculous 13CP! That's a full 5 Backups plus 4 discards in addition to a second Sin!

    Probably completely unplayable, but I can see people building all kind of crazy decks just for the chance to play this beast!

    Also, it's kinda funny that Dark got this huge card, but Shine got the tiny Chelinka (2).

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  • UserJP

    Chapter 12 preview 1

    December 27, 2013 by UserJP

    Y'shtola (ヤ・シュトラ)
    CP Cost (3 Wind)
    The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
    Y'shtola must be chosen as the target of opponent's effects if possible.

    When Y'shtola is chosen as the target of Character of cost 5 or more or Summon effect, if you control [Job(The Scions of the Seventh Dawn)] or [Job(Common Soldier)] Forward, the effect becomes ineffective.

    Yda (イダ)
    CP Cost (3 Earth)
    The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
    Whenever Forward you control attacks, Yda gains 2000 Power until end of turn.

    When Yda attacks, choose 1 Dulled Forward. Deal it equal to half of Yda's Power rounded down to nearest 1000.

    Warrior (戦士)
    CP Cost (2 Fire)
    Common Soldier
    If Warrior is equipping a [Weapon], he gains 2000 Power.

    Opponent must Block Warrior if …

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  • Kinro

    Newest Rules Updated!

    October 30, 2013 by Kinro

    Version 11 of the  Comprehensive Rules was put up recently, so I translated that.

    Basically, you're not allowed to try to pay too much CP for a cost. They explained this in a nice, clear and concise paragraph.

    Then, they copied it all over the place. Something like 8 times.

    Also, rules for Job change got added. So, that's nice.

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 11 done!

    October 19, 2013 by Kinro

    Thanks again to UserJP!

    This chapter gave us lots of FF6 characters and a bunch of huge monsters!

    Also the new Job Change ability, which seems to push for a lot of chaining.

    Interestingly, all Job Change in this chapter are cost 2 but are for cost 3 cards.

    Surprisingly, neither rules set on the main site has yet been updated to reflect this new ability. 

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  • UserJP

    Chapter 11 preview 4

    September 27, 2013 by UserJP

    and Hobby Japan streaming preview.

    New Keyword ability: Job Change

     Job Change(3) - (, put Black Mage in the Brake Zone.)

    Job Change is Action Ability. It like Awakening.

    You pay cost(behind the hyphen), you put Backup on the Field in your hand cost of X or less. X equal "Job Change(X)".

    (ex: Use Black Mage Job Change, you pay 1 Fire CP, Dull, put Black Mage in the Brake Zone. you put every element Backup in your hand cost 3 or less on the Field.)

    Black Mage (黒魔道士)
    CP Cost (2 Fire)
    Common Soldier(一般兵)

    Common Soldier icon

    Job Change(3) - (, put Black Mage in the Brake Zone.)

    When Black Mage enters the Field, choose 1 Forward. Deal it 3000 damage. Alternatively, if Black Mage enters…

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  • UserJP

    Chapter 11 preview 3

    September 19, 2013 by UserJP

    and Hobby Japan streaming preview.

    Ceodore (セオドア)
    CP Cost (4 Shine)
    Red Wing(赤い翼)
    When Ceodore enters the Field its cost paid 3 type element CP or more, choose 1 Character opponent control. Brake it.

    When Ceodore enters the Field its cost paid 4 type element CP or more, draw 2 cards.



    Rydia (リディア)
    CP Cost (2 Earth)
    Overdrive () - When Rydia enters the Field, draw 1 card.

    Rydia's Power increases by 1000 for each card in your hand.

    オーバードライブ (A)―リディアがフィールドに出たとき、カードを1枚引く。


    Cid Pollendina (シド・ポレンディーナ)
    CP Cost (3…

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  • UserJP

    Chapter 11 preview 2

    September 16, 2013 by UserJP

    The Naakuals for FF11 Seekers of Adoulin Coming! it's a Impossible to gauge! XP

    and Hobby Japan streaming preview.

    Achuka (アチュカ)
    CP Cost (4 Fire)
    When Achuka attacks, deal 3000 damage to all Forwards opponent controls.


    Colkhab (コルカブ)
    CP Cost (4 Wind)
    When Colkhab Blocked a Forward or is Blocked by a Forward, Brake it next 2nd Main Phase.

    Incisive Denouement : Choose 1 Character. During this turn, whenever damage is dealt to it, it is dealt 0 damage instead.


    インサイズデヌマン (S): キャラクター1体を選ぶ。このターン、それがダメージを与える場合、代わりにそのダメージを0にする。

    Yumcax …

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  • UserJP

    Chapter 11 preview 1

    September 14, 2013 by UserJP

    Ifrit (イフリート)
    CP Cost (3 Fire)


    Choose 1 Forward. Deal it 2000 damage for every Backup you control.


    Serah (セラ)
    CP Cost (2 Ice)
    Overdrive() - When Serah enters the Field, search for 1[Card Name (Lightning)] and add it your hand.

    , put Serah in the Brake Zone: Choose 1 character. Dull it. It doesn't become Active during its controller's next Active Phase.


    (D)、セラをブレイクゾーンに置く: キャラクター1体を選ぶ。それをダルにする。それはコントローラーの次のアクティブフェイズにアクティブにならない。

    Gestahlian Empire's Cid (ガストラ帝国のシド)
    CP Cost (2 Ice)

    When Gestahlian Empire's Cid enters the Field, you may choose 1[Card Name (Celes)] in your Break Zone. A…

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  • UserJP

    Garnet in the Limit Card

    September 4, 2013 by UserJP


    Construction time:10/1

    Card Name "Garnet" Card, It can put up to 3 cards in the deck.

    (ex.2 [8-086L Garnet] and 2 [4-085S Garnet] → Improper)

    Construction of Garnet deck will be difficult.

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 10 done!

    June 27, 2013 by Kinro

    Thanks to UserJP for all his help!

    This chapter finally gave us the gun I was expecting from chapter 9. Still no Shuriken, though.

    Interestingly, all Items in the chapter are different from chapter 9 in that they have a remove cost.

    We got the first Item with an equip condition and the first 4 elements ability.

    Also scary, scary Omega.

    That's mostly it for me until next chapter.  I'll still be hanging around, so feel free to ask me any questions. I'm also following the final-fantasy-tcg tag over here and will try to answer any questions there too.

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  • UserJP

    Chapter10 Card List

    June 15, 2013 by UserJP

    June 15, Pre-release party was held. Card list has been uploaded in the card shop"Grand Panda Canyon".

    Text of Omega is incredible!

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  • UserJP

    Preview Chapter10 4th

    June 8, 2013 by UserJP

    Hobby JAPAN gave a preview of the fourth times Chapter10 on June 6. For text translation is difficult in many cases, leave out also written Japanese text.

    Carla (カルラ) / CP cost:2(Fire)

    Backup / Agito Cadet (アギト候補生)

    (D), Put Carla in the Brake Zone, discards 3 card: Draw 6 cards. Then, discard 2 cards a random.

    [(D)、カルラをブレイクゾーンに置く、手札を3枚捨てる: カードを6枚引き、その後手札から無作為に2枚捨てる。]

    Kurasame (クラサメ) / CP cost:3(Ice)

    Forward / Instructor (教官) / Power:5000

    If you control a [Card Name (Emina)] or [Card Name (Kazusa)], Kurasame gains 2000 Power.

    When Kurasame attacks, choose 1 Forward opponent control. Dull it.



    Wendigo (ストーカー) / CP cost:3(Wind)

    Monster / Wendigo (…

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  • UserJP

    Preview Chapter10 3rd

    May 31, 2013 by UserJP

    Hobby JAPAN gave a preview of the Third times Chapter10 on May 30.

    For text translation is difficult in many cases, leave out also written Japanese text.

    Roll spider (ロールスパイダー) / CP cost:2(Fire)

    Monster / Spider(蜘蛛)

    (F): Until end of turn, Roll spider is also a Forward with 8000 Power and Haste. This ability can only be used during your turn.

    [(F): ターン終了時までロールスパイダーはヘイストを持つパワー8000のフォワードとしても扱う。このアビリティはあなたのターンにしか使えない。]

    Cocytus (コキュートス) / CP cost:2(Ice)

    Forward / Divine Generals(神将) / 3000

    When Cocytus enters the Field, Choose a number. Dull all Forwards opponent control with the same cost as that number. They don't become Active during their controller's next Active Phase.


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  • UserJP

    Preview Chapter10 2nd

    May 24, 2013 by UserJP

    Hobby JAPAN gave a preview of the second times Chapter10 on May 24.

    For text translation is difficult in many cases, leave out also written Japanese text.

    Suzaku's L'Cie Caetuna(朱雀のルシ セツナ) / CP cost:3(Fire)

    Backup / L'Cie(ルシ) / EX

    When Suzaku's L'Cie Caetuna enters the Field, choose 1 Summon of War God in your Break Zone and add it to your hand.

    Summons of War God in your hand cost 2 less. (This can't become 0.)

    [朱雀のルシ セツナがフィールドに出たとき、あなたのブレイクゾーンにある軍神を持つ召喚獣1枚を選ぶ。それを手札に加える。


    Shiva(シヴァ) / CP cost:3(Ice)


    War God (Agito Cadet)

    Choose 1 Action Ability or 1 Auto Ability currently on the stack. It becomes ineffective. Then, it ability activate Character Dull it. It doesn't become Active during its controller's next…

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  • UserJP

    I will post the information from the VJump. Because it is information from the image that has been up, please assume low credibility ...

    Undead Princess(アンデッドセレブ) / CP cost:2(Ice) / 10-023U

    Forward / Ghost?(亡霊) /7000

    Overdrive ((I)(Sh)(Sh)) - When Undead Princess enters the Field, opponent shows their hand. Choose 1 card from this. Opponent discards it.

    When Shine element character enters the Field, put Undead Princess in the Break Zone.

    Lich(リッチ) / CP cost:5(Earth) / 10-080U

    Forward / Chaos?(カオス?) /9000

    When Lich is put in the Break Zone from the Field, you may pay (E). If you do, search for 1 [Card Name (Lich)] Forwards and add it to your hand.

    (There is a possibility that the image is small and the text is incorrect.)

    Firion(フリオニール) / CP cost:1(…

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  • UserJP

    Preview Chapter 10

    May 16, 2013 by UserJP

    FF-TCG Chapter 10 will be released on June 21 2013. Preview of the card are included on Ch10 was held in Japan prior to it. We would like to introduce them.

    I hope if there is a demand.

    Black Mage / CP cost:2(Fire)

    Backup / common soldier

    Assist - choose 1 Forward. Deal it 6000 damage.

    (F)(D),Remove 1 [Card Name(Black Mage] or [Card Name(Black Magician)] in the Break Zone from the game: choose 1 Forward. Deal it 4000 damage.

    Beastmaster (封鬼の太刀) / CP cost:2(Fire)

    Item / Weapon / Sword

    Equip (Forwards) Remove - (F)(Sh)

    The character equipping Beastmaster gains 2000 Power.

    When the character equipping Beastmaster attacks, choose 1 Forward. You may Deal it 5000 damage.

    Byblos(ビブロス) / CP cost:3(Ice)

    Monster / Demon

    (0): Until end of turn, Byblos is also a F…

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  • UserJP

    Cool combination2

    May 10, 2013 by UserJP

    Shiva (6) does not break the forward Certainly, it is not a card results in a direct victory for you.However, you may want to bring something very nice at Shiva. 

    Shiva (6)+Zidane (2)! This combination also check the number of times the hand of the opponent. It will bring a huge advantage that information to you. In addition, the hand of opponents can use the Shiva at the time of the 3, Zidane will be forward of 9000 power abruptly. You are able to not only discards the opponent's hand, you want to break even forward of the other. This 2 cards, compatibility is very good because they share the concept of discards the hand.

    Shiva (6)+Mateus, the Corrupt (God)! "Mateus" is a very powerful card to bring victory to you. However, if you're on Ice…

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  • UserJP

    Cool combination

    May 8, 2013 by UserJP

    Rapier is one of the card's most attractive Chapter9.

    Rapier+Loz! he atack, choose 2 Forwards or Monsters,Dull it! my Forwards unblockable,WIN! 

    The powerful equally well be equipped with a Squall(Ch7) or Snow(Ch1). It's to be equipped with Genesis and Squall(PR-A) also good.

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  • Kinro

    Fun Combo

    April 17, 2013 by Kinro

    Selh'teus + Devout (3)

    Take control of a Forward permanently (though it counts as a new Forward).

    Devout (3) is just great fun. Re-trigger on-Field auto abilities, blink characters out if harms way... You might wish you had more of him!

    Edit: Due to a rules correction, this combo is no longer valid. You'll flicker the card straight back at its owner instead.

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  • Kinro

    Translation Done!

    April 13, 2013 by Kinro

    I finished translating the comprehensive rules! It was long. And dry. And had a bit missing. But it's done!

    And with all card translated, this means that FF TCG is now officially fully translated! Hurray!

    It's been a while. When I started in... looks like late October, there was only half a Chapter translated. And the translations were not always quite accurate. But I slowly managed to get this far! Yay!

    Next up, I think I'm going to go back and check on the early Chapters. Some of the language I used back then doesn't quite match what I've been using recently, so I should go fix them so they're consistent.

    Have Fun!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 9 Finished!

    March 27, 2013 by Kinro

    Was this Chapter longer than usual? It felt pretty long.

    This time, we got items! All of them pretty cheap and not one only useable by Backups. Also, a number of card that interact with items. I'm going to go ahead and predict a Shuriken and a Gun card in Chapter 10.

    Interacting with the Break Zone was also pretty popular this time around. And we got a bunch of cards that combo with others cards cross-elements.

    Let's not forget 2 cards giving 2 new win conditions! Either accumulate a lot of Common Soldiers or kill them off! To support that, we also saw a LOT of Common Soldiers!

    Current Score:

    Black Mage: 10

    Ninja: 9

    Warrior: 9

    Thief: 8

    Knight: 8

    Chocobo: 8

    Black Mage managed to inch ahead of Ninja this time, but the big surprise is Warrior, coming ou…

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 9 released!

    March 19, 2013 by Kinro

    I think all my blog posts have an exclamation mark.

    Chapter 9 is finally released. With a bunch of new cards from games I haven't heard of and a new comprehensive rules set. I was kinda expecting that last one. I hope they mostly match what I have, otherwise I have a lot of work ahead of me. In addition to all the work I already know I have a lot of ahead of me.

    Anyway, names are translated card translations to come later. And a new win condition on the very last card I translate. Look forward to it!

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  • Megarock90

    Open Debate - Proxies

    March 14, 2013 by Megarock90

    So first of all, as a first post/blog here, i want to thank all of you guys working on the wiki for all of us to actually come to know the game

    on the debate topic.
    It doesnt seem that square is bringing the game to non-japanese audiences anytime soon, so in an effort to drive attention to the game to more people, proxiing would make it easier to pick-up and play to people, instead of having to go through the hassle of importing/playing with a pc displaying the wiki, etc. hopefully this could get a small hypetrain running and hopefully that would snowball into Sqare actually noticing a fandom and potentially releasing the game overseas.

    so thing is, how much does everyone here agree/disagree on the matter?

    point of asking here would be to host…

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  • Kinro

    Promo cards finished!

    March 11, 2013 by Kinro

    Or at least  most of the current ones. Cloud is part of Chapter 9, so doing him now might mess up the numbering.

    Next up, I'll start translation the detailed rules book. Wish me luck!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 9 Preview

    March 5, 2013 by Kinro

    Since McCool asked so nicely, here's a small preview of what we can expect from the upcoming Chapter 9!

    Ever played Final Fantasy Dimensions (Final Fantasy Legends in Japan) on a mobile platform? Chapter 9 will introduce many heroes and villains from that game. Some Light Warrior card have already been revealed. Can we expect some Dark Warriors too?

    More importantly, items! 3 kinds of item cards will be available to equip to characters! A character can only have 1 of each type of item equipped at a time. You can also pay a removal cost to move the item to another character! Items can give your characters extra abilities or maybe even simply increase their Power.

    That's all I know right know. Have fun!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 8 finished!

    March 5, 2013 by Kinro

    That's the last of the Chapter finally finished! Hurray!

    Another Chapter will be released before the end of the month, but until then, I'll start trasnlating the promotional cards and maybe get started on the rule book.

    Nothing major in this Chapter, really. Especially when compared to the craziness of Chapter 7. There was a character from Final Fantasy Brigade, which intrigued me. Haven't heard about this game before. I wonder what it's like.

    Current Score:

    Black Mage: 9

    Ninja: 9

    So we're left at a tie at one more than the number of chapters. Nothing broke the 2 digit barrier yet, but we can remain hopeful for Chapter 9.

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 7 finished!

    February 19, 2013 by Kinro

    So many Cids!

    This chapter saw 3(!) cards which can control opponent's characters.

    Sel'theus always does interesting thing, doesn't he?

    We also saw a LOT of character we haven't seen for a while. Some of them since chapter 1.

    Oh, and Awakening, Overdrive AND Blue Magic.

    This chapter saw a lot of action, expecially considering how short it is!

    Only 1 chapter left!

    Current Score:

    Black Mage: 8

    Ninja: 7

    Chocobo: 7

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 6 Finished!

    February 8, 2013 by Kinro

    Really short chapter, I was surprised!

    A couple of interesting Dark characters. One a near-invicible game ender! Only way yet to take 2 turns in a row, but you pay for it!

    Also, a minor theme of cheap monsters that block types of cards.

    Current score:

    Black Mage: 7

    Ninja: 7

    Knights: 6

    Chocobo: 6

    Only 2 Chapters to go!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 5 Finished!

    January 28, 2013 by Kinro

    Big chapter this time! First appearance of the P icon! First Monsters! First Backups which can also be Forwards! This is probably the chapter against which the current rules set was written.

    Also, I think I noticed a distinct boost in power levels.

    And lots of FF VI and FFXI characters! Yay!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 4 finished!

    January 16, 2013 by Kinro

    That's half the chapters done!

    This was very much a Class Zero chapter. Piles of Class Zero and Class Zero supporters.

    Also, the first appearances of War God!

    Also, I believe the first Shine and Dark Summons.

    Here's hoping for a fun Chapter 5!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 3 finished

    December 8, 2012 by Kinro

    Chapter 3 done!

    This time, we saw the first uses of the Assist ability. We also saw the first cards with off-element abilities (up to 4 elements!), a 10000 Power Forward and the first Forward which can straight up survive Bahamut!

    A question though, has anyone seen the (P) Party icon? I peeked ahead a bit and I only could find it on one promotional card. Is it just never used?

    Up next, Chapter 4! If anyone's reading, wish me luck!

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  • Kinro

    Chapter 2 finished.

    November 18, 2012 by Kinro

    Chapter 2 translation is done! Hurray!

    In this chapter, we saw the first use of the Level UP and Link abilities, and some nice themed deck support.

    Whe also saw the first ability which does direct damage to the opponent!

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