Cait Sith (ケットシー)

Card Image

CP Cost Thunder 3 (3 Thunder)
Position, Title Forward, Spy
Power 5000
Description When Cait Sith enters the Field, choose 1 Backup with a cost of 1 or less. Break it.

Slots SpecialAbility CP ThunderDull
Remove the top card of your deck from the game. If that card is a Forward, Break 1 Backup with a cost of 2 less.

If either player wishes to use Abilities in reaction to Slots, they must do so before the top card is taken from the deck.

Serial Number 1-108U
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True to form, Cait Sith is just as random and useless here as he was in Final Fantasy VII. His main ability affects only the weakest of cards. His special ability is only marginally stronger, and only when it works; especially damning is the fact that the cost to execute Slots is outlandishly high. As a whole, this card's abilities cannot even justify a summoning cost of 3 CP.

It is highly recommended that you keep this card out of your deck, if you plan to play at all seriously.