Jecht (ジェクト) 1-011r
CP Cost Fire 5 (5 Fire)
Position Forward
Title Guardian
Power 8000
Description Jecht gains 1000 Power for every Forward opponent control.

Ultimate Jecht Shot  SpecialAbility CP FireAbility CP LightAbility CP LightDull: Choose 1 Forward. Break it.

Serial Number 1-011R
TCG Sets Entry Set Black
This card is a great boss unit for a fire deck. Both of his abilities lend themselves to the destruction of tanky Characters. To use Ultimate Jecht Shot it's good to run as many copies of Jecht as possible (Jecht (3) and Jecht (4) are the best candidates to drop for Ultimate Jecht Shot). Jecht (2) is better served on his own and Jecht (1) can be dropped to activate the Blitz King skill as well.