Yet another Chapter done! First one with the split rules system!

Let's see what happened in this chapter.

First, lots of repeats! I think something like half of the cards were repeats! We did see the Evokers again though, so that's neat!

Also, the card have a nice, fresh look to go with the new numbering system. Mere counting is so last chapter!

New abilities: Junctionning for the neat FF8 flavour and Freezing, because we were all tired of having to say "doesn't become Active during its controller's next Active Phase". I wonder how often I wrote that.

Notable cards:

Beast Armor: For when you want lots and lots of Monsters.

Bhunivelze: The first card which allows you to gains unconditional, permanent control of an opponent's character.

Leo: Ridiculously hard to play with its Overdrive, but if you pull it off, he'll give you an instant army and boost himself up to a monstruous Power level! (2000 *6 + 1000 = 13000 Power! Assuming you have no other Common Soldiers on the Field! Including Backups!)

As always, great thanks to UserJP for all their help!

Also, thanks to Maxtram for some card translations and edits!

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