Was this Chapter longer than usual? It felt pretty long.

This time, we got items! All of them pretty cheap and not one only useable by Backups. Also, a number of card that interact with items. I'm going to go ahead and predict a Shuriken and a Gun card in Chapter 10.

Interacting with the Break Zone was also pretty popular this time around. And we got a bunch of cards that combo with others cards cross-elements.

Let's not forget 2 cards giving 2 new win conditions! Either accumulate a lot of Common Soldiers or kill them off! To support that, we also saw a LOT of Common Soldiers!

Current Score:

Black Mage: 10

Ninja: 9

Warrior: 9

Thief: 8

Knight: 8

Chocobo: 8

Black Mage managed to inch ahead of Ninja this time, but the big surprise is Warrior, coming out of nowhere to match Ninja!

Looking forward to seeing what Chapter 10 holds. In the mean time, it's rules book time! Again! Also still! Have fun!

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