Where I choose one FFTCG card to talk about.


I enjoy manga and anime a lot. And some of my favourite episodes are when a character with a lackluster power defeats their opponent by clever and creative uses of that power. This is why I'm introducing my favourite FFCTG card: Devout (3)!

Basically, you can use this card to remove a Forward from the game and then put it back in the game. I like to call it "Blinking".

Doesn't sound impressive, right?

But with just that, this card creates so many interesting interactions!

1. The very basics, of course: trigger auto-abilities.

Many cards have powerful auto-abilities which trigger when they enter or leave the Field. A Blink will trigger all of those! Except for Overdrive! That still can only be used when you play a card from your hand.

2. Undoing an attack or a Block.

Imagine it: you attacked a field of weak enemies or you Blocked an easy Forward and suddenly, your opponent pulls off some tricks which power-up their Forward's Power enough to Break your prize Forward! Oh no! No need to worry, though! Blink your Forward and they'll safely back out of the fight!

3. Removing effects.

When you remove your Forward from the game and bring it back, it comes back as a different instance. This means that all damage, Power losses, weird effects, etc. are all gone. Want to use Emperor Gestahl (2)'s ability without losing your Forward? Now you can!

4. Removing targetting.

Similarly, when you Blink your Forward, any effect which chose it as a target won't apply to your Forward anymore.

5. More complex stuff: attacking twice

Your Forward comes back Dulled, but if you have a cheap way to Haste it and make it active, you can easily  attack twice a turn! First attack as normal, then, after the damage resolution phase is over, go back to the start of the attack phase and make your Forward active and Hasted. Since this is a new instance, your Forward has not attacked yet this turn and so is ready to attack again!

These are just some of the ways this unique card can be used! I'm certain there are more just waiting to be discovered!

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