Random Roll Round!

Chapter is... 5

Card number is... 58

So today, I'll be talking about Cactuar.

An extremely cheap monster at a cost of only 1. Since it's a Monster, you can immediately use its ability, which might be a nasty surprise in your second Main Phase.

Cactuar will give you a cheap and easy way to give you some direct damage. It even has the 3 cards icon, so you can have multiple copies on the Field. Combining a couple of Cactuar with cards which increase damage dealt, like Marduk or Samurai (6) can give impressive results.

Cactuar's second ability is also very powerful. Though it deals you 1 damage, it will Break almost all Forwards. This damage can also trigger an EX-Burst. If you were going to take damage anyway, that's not a bad deal! However, beware! If your chosen Forward becomes unable to be chosen before the ability resolves, it won't take damage, but you still will! Ouch!

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