When I started this Wikia (I guess we call them "Fandoms" now?), I was working all by myself, translating only two of the original starter decks of the game. I didn't imagine that Square Enix would eventually bring the game over to English-speaking audiences. The community really blew up when it did. And I'm so happy people grew this wiki to make it useful for any players that might need it. I'm grateful for the continued contributions. I know there's always a worry that support for the game in English-speaking areas might disappear at some point. The launch of the game was weak, and I think support in general has been fairly weak. But the community has been really passionate and strong about the game. Keep updating, everyone. So long as someone is still interested in the game, I think this wiki has a purpose. Good job, all of you. I'm glad this is still here and alive.

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