So first of all, as a first post/blog here, i want to thank all of you guys working on the wiki for all of us to actually come to know the game on the debate topic.
It doesnt seem that square is bringing the game to non-japanese audiences anytime soon, so in an effort to drive attention to the game to
more people, proxiing would make it easier to pick-up and play to people, instead of having to go through the hassle of importing/playing with a pc displaying the wiki, etc. hopefully this could get a small hypetrain running and hopefully that would snowball into Sqare actually noticing a fandom and potentially releasing the game overseas.

so thing is, how much does everyone here agree/disagree on the matter?

point of asking here would be to host the photoshopped proxies on this same wiki.

PS. i understand how this is a sensible matter, but if a response is issued before just shutting the thread/deleting the pic/sending assassins after me is much appreciated

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