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Undead Princess(アンデッドセレブ) / CP cost:2(Ice) / 10-023U

Forward / Ghost?(亡霊) /7000

Overdrive ((I)(Sh)(Sh)) - When Undead Princess enters the Field, opponent shows their hand. Choose 1 card from this. Opponent discards it.

When Shine element character enters the Field, put Undead Princess in the Break Zone.

Lich(リッチ) / CP cost:5(Earth) / 10-080U

Forward / Chaos?(カオス?) /9000

When Lich is put in the Break Zone from the Field, you may pay (E). If you do, search for 1 [Card Name (Lich)] Forwards and add it to your hand.

(There is a possibility that the image is small and the text is incorrect.)

Firion(フリオニール) / CP cost:1(Fire) / 10-016U

Forward / Rebel(反乱軍) / 1000

Awakening ((F)(Sh)(Dull), put Firion in the Break Zone)

If Firion is equipping a [Weapon] or [Armor], he gains Haste.

If Firion enters the FIeld from somewhere other than your hand, you may search for 1 [Weapon] of cost 3 or less and equip it on Firion.

Norschtalen(ノルシュターレン) / CP cost:2(Wind) / 10-053C

Backup / apprentice?(弟子)

Whenever a Forwards you control is put in the Break Zone from the Field, choose 1 Forward. Make it Active. If you control a [Card Name (Waltrill)], you may Dull it instead.

Sherlotta(シェルロッタ) / CP cost:3(Wind) / 10-045S

Backup / ?(見守り続ける者)

Sherlotta can't Break due to opponent's effects.

(Dull), put Sherlotta in the Break Zone: Choose 1 Forward you control. During this turn, it can't be chosen as the target of effects.

(Dull), put Sherlotta in the Break Zone: Choose 1 Forward. It can't deal damage to you this turn.

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