Shiva (6) does not break the forward Certainly, it is not a card results in a direct victory for you.However, you may want to bring something very nice at Shiva. 

Shiva (6)+Zidane (2)! This combination also check the number of times the hand of the opponent. It will bring a huge advantage that information to you. In addition, the hand of opponents can use the Shiva at the time of the 3, Zidane will be forward of 9000 power abruptly. You are able to not only discards the opponent's hand, you want to break even forward of the other. This 2 cards, compatibility is very good because they share the concept of discards the hand.

Shiva (6)+Mateus, the Corrupt (God)! "Mateus" is a very powerful card to bring victory to you. However, if you're on Ice attribute, opponents will be wary that it is summoned it for granted. Opponent has in hand countermeasures always. You can hunt down the opponent by using the Shiva. If there is a Shiva and Mateus in your hand, and play the Shiva at the end of the turn of the opponent. Remove the threat, summoned the Mateus to turn yourself, you can win the game. But EX-burst is something terrible. You should do it after giving up 4 or 5 damage this combo.

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