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For text translation is difficult in many cases, leave out also written Japanese text.

Suzaku's L'Cie Caetuna(朱雀のルシ セツナ) / CP cost:3(Fire)

Backup / L'Cie(ルシ) / EX

When Suzaku's L'Cie Caetuna enters the Field, choose 1 Summon of War God in your Break Zone and add it to your hand.

Summons of War God in your hand cost 2 less. (This can't become 0.)

[朱雀のルシ セツナがフィールドに出たとき、あなたのブレイクゾーンにある軍神を持つ召喚獣1枚を選ぶ。それを手札に加える。


Shiva(シヴァ) / CP cost:3(Ice)


War God (Agito Cadet)

Choose 1 Action Ability or 1 Auto Ability currently on the stack. It becomes ineffective. Then, it ability activate Character Dull it. It doesn't become Active during its controller's next Active Phase.

[軍神 (アギト候補生)


Yoku-Ryu?(ヨクリュウ/Winged-Dragon) / CP cost:2(Wind)

Monster / DRAGON(ドラゴン) / common soldier symbol

(W)(Sh),put Yoku-Ryu in the Break Zone: Choose 1 Backup cost 3 or less. Break it.

[(W)(Sh)、ヨクリュウをブレイクゾーンに置く: コスト3以下のバックアップ1体を選ぶ。それをブレイクする。]

Genbu's L'Cie Gilgamesh(玄武のルシ ギルガメッシュ) / CP cost:5(Earth)

Forward / L'Cie(ルシ) / Power:9000

Overdrive ((E)(X)) - When Genbu's L'Cie Gilgamesh enters the Field, search for up to 2 Item Card of cost X or less and equip it on Genbu's L'Cie Gilgamesh.

When Genbu's L'Cie Gilgamesh attacks, Break all Items opponent control.

[オーバードライブ ((E)(X)) - 玄武のルシ ギルガメッシュがフィールドに出たとき、コストX以下のアイテムカードを最大2枚までサーチし、玄武のルシ ギルガメッシュに装備させる。

玄武のルシ ギルガメッシュがアタックしたとき、対戦相手のコントロールするすべてのアイテムをブレイクする。]

Dragoon(竜騎士) / CP cost:2(Thunder)

Forward / Common Soldier / common soldier symbol / Power:1000

When Dragoon enters the Field, you may search for 1 [Job (DRAGON)] of cost 2 or less and add it to your hand.


Famed Mimic Gogo(ものまねしゴゴ) / CP cost:2(Aqua)

Forward / Mime(ものまね士) / Power:9000

If opponent control no Forwards, immediately put Famed Mimic Gogo in the Break Zone.

Power Hit (S): Choose 1 Forward. it's controller put it in the Break Zone. This ability can only be used when Famed Mimic Gogo have received damage.


パワーヒット (S): フォワード1体を選ぶ。そのコントローラーはそれをブレイクゾーンに置く。このアビリティはものまねしゴゴがダメージを受けている場合にしか使えない。]

Shinryu(神竜) / CP cost:6(Shine)

Forward / Dragon(竜) / EX / Power:9000

When Shinryu enters the Field, all Forwards other than Shinryu which are not equiped [Accessory] Reduce Power by 6000 until end of turn.

Shinryu can't be chosen as the target and doesn't take damage from Summons of cost 5 or less.



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