Hobby JAPAN gave a preview of the Third times Chapter10 on May 30.

For text translation is difficult in many cases, leave out also written Japanese text.

Roll spider (ロールスパイダー) / CP cost:2(Fire)

Monster / Spider(蜘蛛)

(F): Until end of turn, Roll spider is also a Forward with 8000 Power and Haste. This ability can only be used during your turn.

[(F): ターン終了時までロールスパイダーはヘイストを持つパワー8000のフォワードとしても扱う。このアビリティはあなたのターンにしか使えない。]

Cocytus (コキュートス) / CP cost:2(Ice)

Forward / Divine Generals(神将) / 3000

When Cocytus enters the Field, Choose a number. Dull all Forwards opponent control with the same cost as that number. They don't become Active during their controller's next Active Phase.


Perseus Bow (ペルセウスの弓) / CP cost:1(Wind)

Item / Weapon / Bow(弓)

Equip (Forwards, Backups) / Remove - (W)

The character equipping Perseus Bow gains [(W)(W)(Dull): Deal 3000 damage to all Forwards opponent controls.].


ペルセウスの弓を装備しているキャラクターは「(W)(W)(Dull): 対戦相手のコントロールするすべてのフォワードに3000ダメージを与える。」を得る。]

Graham (グラム) / CP cost:4(Earth)

Forward / Black Knight(暗黒騎士) / 8000

When Graham is put in the Break Zone from the Field, you may search for 1 [Weapon (Sword)] and equip it on Forward you control or add it to your hand.


Buster Sword (バスターソード) / CP cost:3(Thunder)

Item / Weapon / Sword(剣)

Equip (Forwards) / Remove - (T)(Sh)

When character equipping Buster Sword is put in the Break Zone from the Field, search for 1 Foward less than it Power and put it on the Field Dulled. equip 1 [Card Name(Buster Sword] in your Break Zone on it.



Sage's Staff (賢者の杖) / CP cost:2(Aqua)

Item / Weapon / Staff(杖)

Equip (Forwards) / Remove - (A)

The character equipping Sage's Staff gains 1000 Power and [(X)(X)(Dull): choose 1 Forward of cost X or less in your Break Zone. Put it on the Field.].


賢者の杖を装備しているキャラクターのパワーは+1000され、「(X)(X)(Dull): あなたのブレイクゾーンにあるコストX以下のフォワード1体を選ぶ。それをフィールドに出す」を得る。]

Great Emperor of Avalon (アヴァロン大皇帝) / CP cost:5(Dark)

Forward / Emperor(皇帝) / 9000

The cost of Great Emperor of Avalon in your hand is reduced by 1 for each [Job (4 Generals)] and [Job (Divine Generals)] you control.

(Sh)(Sh)(Sh): Choose 1 [Job (Light Worrior)] or [Job (Dark Worrior)]. Break it.


(Sh)(Sh)(Sh): 【ジョブ(光の戦士)】か【ジョブ(闇の戦士)】1体を選ぶ。それをブレイクする。]

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