FF-TCG Chapter 10 will be released on June 21 2013. Preview of the card are included on Ch10 was held in Japan prior to it. We would like to introduce them.

I hope if there is a demand.

Black Mage / CP cost:2(Fire)

Backup / common soldier

Assist - choose 1 Forward. Deal it 6000 damage.

(F)(D),Remove 1 [Card Name(Black Mage] or [Card Name(Black Magician)] in the Break Zone from the game: choose 1 Forward. Deal it 4000 damage.

Beastmaster (封鬼の太刀) / CP cost:2(Fire)

Item / Weapon / Sword

Equip (Forwards) Remove - (F)(Sh)

The character equipping Beastmaster gains 2000 Power.

When the character equipping Beastmaster attacks, choose 1 Forward. You may Deal it 5000 damage.

Byblos(ビブロス) / CP cost:3(Ice)

Monster / Demon

(0): Until end of turn, Byblos is also a Forward with 6000 Power and the ability: [Put Byblos in the Break Zone:Choose 1 Action Ability or 1 Auto Ability currently on the stack. It becomes ineffective.].

Thief / CP cost:2(Wind)

Backup / common soldier

When Thief enters the Field, Choose 2 card in opponent's Break Zone. Remove it from the game.

Put Thief in the Break Zone: Choose 2 card in opponent's Break Zone. Remove it from the game.

Syldra(シルドラ) / CP cost:4(Wind)

Summon / EX-Burst

choose 1 Forward of Power 9000 or more. Break it.

Guy(ガイ) / CP cost:2(Earth)

Forward / Warrior / Power:5000

If Guy has a [Weapon] equipped, he gains 2000 Power.

If Guy has a [Armor] equipped, he gains Brave, Guy can't become Dulled due to opponent's effects and can't Break due to opponent's effects other than damage.

Arecia Al-Rashia(アレシア・アルラシア) / CP cost:2(Thunder) / SR

Backup / Magic Secretary

Overdraive (X) - When Arecia Al-Rashia enters the Field, search for 1 [Job (Class Zero)] of cost (X) or less and put it on the Field.

(D):Choose 1 [Job (Class Zero)] Forward. It gains 1000 Power until end of turn.

Seiryu-jin(青龍人) / CP cost:3(Aqua)

Monster / Seiryu-jin

Put Seiryu-jin in the Break Zone: Choose 1 Forward. Reduce its Power by 4000.

(A)(A)(A)(Sh)(Sh): Put Seiryu-jin on the Field. This ability can only be used during your Main Phase and if Seiryu-jin is in the Break Zone.

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